provisional insolvency proceedings opened

Free-of-charge interest group for affected Wirecard investors


On 29.06.2020, the district court in Munich opened provisional insolvency proceedings with regard to the assets of Wirecard AG. The lawyer Dr Jaffé was appointed as the provisional insolvency administrator. The legal practice of Dr. Greger & Collegen, specialised in banking law and the law relating to capital markets, has established without charge an interest group for affected investors through which registered injured parties may be kept informed on further developments and possible courses of action and have themselves represented.   

The legal practice is currently intensively involved in processing developments surrounding the scandal connected with the payments service provider Wirecard AG. Its work in this context is focussed on claims for damages. Amongst other liable parties, the auditing company EY (Ernst & Young) possibly also bears responsibility. Such claims are based particularly on the fact that in past years audit clearance was wrongly awarded.   

Nor are claims for damages against Wirecard AG forfeited as a result of the insolvency proceedings. Although shareholders are not creditors as such in insolvency proceedings, existing compensation claims (damages arising from price differences) may also be pursued against the company in insolvency proceedings. This requires however that legally water-tight claims are registered in the insolvency schedule after final insolvency proceedings have been opened. It is irrelevant in this connection whether the securities are still held or whether they have been sold. It is not necessary that you currently have the shares in your portfolio in order to be entitled to compensation. Members of the interest group will receive further information in this connection.  

How can affected Wirecard investors join the free-of-charge interest group?

Wirecard shareholders and bond holders who desire additional information may join the interest group founded by the legal practice Dr. Greger & Collegen free of charge. Contact may be made quickly with the legal practice, which has already successfully represented a large number of share and bondholders and is familiar with handling of major cases for damages, under the e-mail address

 Registered investors will receive further information free of charge. Please let us know should you desire all further correspondence in English.